Comparing the Volcano vaporizer Digit with the Arizer Extreme Q depends as much on what the user is looking for as what the device delivers. If you need a vaporizer that won’t eat a huge hole in your wallet, then go with the Extreme vaporizer. However, if you medicate regularly, you will appreciate the value of the Volcano vaporizer…if money isn’t an issue. It comes down to choosing the best fit for your needs: a budget vaporizer or the highest quality vaporizer. Both models are digital, both come with great warranties, so product support is not as much of an issue as with other competing model vaporizers.

The biggest difference between the two devices is that the Extreme Q is a multifunctional unit that works with a dual balloon and whip ability. Some end-users are adamant about having the capability to vape quickly and directly as a matter of convenience with the whip features exclusive to the Extreme Q.

The Volcano Digit vaporizer is the best vaporizer, using the strongest forced air convection system on the market. But, the volcano vaporizer is also limited to balloon only delivery method. Some argue that forced air systems dilute the vapor with air, and balloons are a waste. Instruction on the proper use of a vaporizer (which hardly ANYONE ever does) helps alleviate this concern. The Volcano Digit fan is exceedingly loud – see our Volcano Vaporizer review video for a sound measurement. The Volcano allows the user to clean and maintain the air intake with replacement filters.

The Arizer Extreme Q offers more features and accommodates both user preferences, making it a much more popular digital vaporizer. The Extreme Q has a MUCH QUIETER FAN. The difference is significant and you don’t appreciate it until you use either device for a long time. The Extreme Q’s forced air fan offers variable speeds (though the highest setting works the best for convection vaporization) that can be used with balloons or with whips for assisted delivery.

The fan in the Extreme Q just doesn’t have the same power as the Volcano Digit, and therefore doesn’t generate the same level of optimal convection. This means that it takes more finesse, time and frustration to get close to the same vapor quality as the Volcano when using the Extreme Q. The Volcano Digit is just a better convection vaporizer, albeit a less fully featured device. But, when it comes down to it, we want a digital herbal vaporizer that vaporizes herbs, not combusts them, and we base our assessment on how well the device performs. Not whether it has a light show.