Excited as we are for EVERY vape that we get to review, the number of accessories that some with the Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower is somewhat overwhelming. I remember the first time I used the Extreme Q – between two college grads (one with a masters in Electrical Engineering) we could barely get the device to work in all modes, opting for the simplest interface possible to get high – the whip. The balloon assembly attempt failed miserably…which, in Arizer’s great favor, they now include a pre-assembled balloon for plug and play use. Kudos, Arizer. This can be procure from vape shop.

The pieces and parts of the best budget vaporizer on the market proved a challenge to us as first time users. Given the multifunctional capabilities of the Arizer Extreme Q, we want to show that the device certainly stands on its own merit and has emerged as an enormously popular herbal vaporizer among enthusiasts.

This product is being called one of the best vaporizer weed on the market today for a number of reasons.

It accommodates both user preferences – whip and balloon delivery
It is cheaper than the Volcano
It works as an oil diffuser – sort of…
It gets the job done more efficiently than most all portable vaporizers
The Arizer Extreme Q has proven a top contender because it offers something for everyone. The accessories – while off-putting at the beginning – offer a rich set of features that lure one in as a modular gadget. However, these features and accessories do not necessarily equate to better vaporizing. We found that the majority of accompaniments to the device do not improve vapor quality.

Sure, glass on glass is preferable because it is safer than plastic- or silicone air pathways. Glass on glass and ceramic heaters make for an effective method of vaporization and are considered the industry leading means to heat your herbs. The glass elements in the Arizer Extreme Q are slow to achieve optimal temperature, particularly in the herb chamber of the glass Cyclone Bowl. And, glass being glass, it does tend to break, despite our best attempts at being careful – we are, after all, stoners at heart. Which is why Arizer saw fit to include additional spares of the most indispensible glass items that you need for fully functional vaporizing with the Extreme Q. Well played, Arizer…

The remote control was quite the curiosity to us when we first started using the device. Why use a remote if you still have to get up and go to the device to vaporize?!? Well, we quickly learned that the remote is much easier to use for vaping than this digital vaporizer’s LCD menu display screen. What’s worse, the remote is easy to use, easy to lose, and requires a special battery, making it a necessary and costly accessory to keep track of (not a good combo for stoners with a budget Weed Vaporizer).

All things considered, a replacement remote control is available for purchase thru Arizer. It is recommended to order one of these right away, just in case it’s misplaced. Otherwise, the set of accessories for the Arizer Extreme Q provide for an engaging set of features.