Here at Konyo, we strive to bring you the latest in portable vaporizer technology with our line of pens and versatile attachments. We can meet all of your vaping needs regardless of whether you prefer dry herb, wax, or oils.

No matter how you choose to vape, we have a way to make you say “KONYO!”

Each and every pen is based on three simple ideas;


Ease of use,

Dependability and functionality.

OK, we know that the last one is actually two ideas, but hey- “KONYO!” These principals have made us the most innovative, unique brand of Vape Pen available today.

Advanced Technology
Dry Herb
Triad 3 in 1
Smart vape pens
From the incredibly long-lasting lithium battery to the ultra-efficient heating chamber, our use of the most advanced technology in vaping ensures our place at the forefront of this industry. With the digital LED readout on each pen, you can keep track of your usage, making your vape a highly efficient way to enjoy your favorite vapor. Konyo is based in Colorado, so we are able to work closely with industry experts and medicinal facilities in order to bring the most current and innovative ideas to market. Each model we produce is rigorously tested before delivery, guaranteeing that you will receive the highest quality vape pen on the market today.

Why Use a Konyo Vape Pen?
Konyo Oil AttachmentAt Konyo, we try to make buying a vaporizer as easy as possible. By giving our customers a choice that fits every need and budget, we strive to bring the exciting world of vaping to as many people as possible. This is something we believe in, and helping other see why is what makes US say “KONYO!” No matter which Konyo you choose, know that you will be getting the latest in portable vaporization technology- a dependable, lightweight, and incredibly stylish way to Vape. Say it with us now… “KONYO!” Every Konyo features our patented Intelli-Chip design, which produces the fastest heat-up time while ensuring the perfect temperature with every push of the button. This microchip is not only designed to get your vaporizer ready fast, it also acts to quickly cool the unit, saving and extending the life of the battery.

Heat is the biggest factor with all battery types, and was a high priority for our design team. With a reduction in residual heat, all of the Pen’s components will last longer, and function properly each and every time you use them. With the “Power-Lock” on each Konyo battery, there’s no need to worry about the unit turning on accidentally. Even if the button is compressed, the intelli-chip kicks in and tells your unit to power down. Konyo vapes feature a digital display letting you know exactly how much battery you have left, when you will need to charge, and that your unit is reaching the correct temperature with each push of the button. No other vaporizer on the market is as smart, well designed or longer lasting. Here at Konyo, we want you to be enjoying our product, not thinking and worrying about whether or not it will work properly.

Oil pen Vaporizer guitar shotThese days, Oils have become an extremely common and desirable way to vape. Designed to work with common OTC oils, this attachment is a wildly popular and user-friendly addition to your Konyo device. Shops that carry Konyo products will offer per-packaged cartridges that can be simply and easily loaded into your existing attachment, and the 12-wick Atomizer is guaranteed to produce an intense, rich vapor with every hit. As soon as you push the button, you can hear the Konyo atomizing the oil, so there is no waiting for it to heat up. As with all our pens, these include the infamous Konyo battery, designed to last as long as you do… if not longer the vape pens for sale.

Kat DabbingOur Wax Pen was developed alongside the Dry Herb unit, and was designed to be a simple and affordable way to use both waxes and thicker oils. All the components are of equal quality to our other vaporizers, and the same technology has been included in the “Triad” with some slight improvements. The wax pen will work with most forms of thick hash oils as well as pure wax concentrates. The compact heating chamber eliminates leakage and is ready to go in under 6 seconds. The Wax Pen is a sleek, easy to use unit for all your oil and wax vaping needs.

Croy loves the dry herb penThe Dry Herb Chamber is an original design, and one that sets the Konyo line apart from other brands. The ability to use traditional flowered herb in a portable vape has long been impossible, but the quick-cooling chamber and “intelli-chip” design have allowed us to bring you a revolutionary attachment for our vape pens. By linking directly to the battery, the chip allows you to see exactly how much time you need between recharging. The Dry Herb Attachment is also built to be incredibly efficient, holding the flower at the perfect temp for the exact length of time you require, while remaining cool and discharging heat almost magically. This allows for instant vaporization of plant matter with next to zero waste left behind. The Dry Herb attachment is a truly ground-breaking development in portable vaping, and Konyo has a bunch of ‘em. Line up!

Kat using the Triad in the lawnThe “Triad” by Konyo is our newest addition to the Konyo line-up. As a 3-in-1 device, the “Triad” is at the forefront of vaporizer pen design and functionality. It’s the only unit featuring an advanced digital display and the ability to vaporize not only flowers, but waxes and oils as well. With the included attachments, this vape is by far the most versatile portable vaping unit on the market. This means you can seamlessly switch between different concentrates without having to break out your old, bulky desktop-vaporizer.

The oil and wax attachments can quickly be traded out for the herb-chamber, and regardless of which attachment you’re using, expect the same instant heat-up times and functionality ensured by our Intelli-chip system. The “Triad” by Konyo is the first vaporizer of its kind, and the obvious answer to vape users needing a versatile and dependable unit.