We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Quality counts in an herbal vaporizer. From the temperature control, to the grade of the materials used, to the components in the heating architecture – and for these reasons, the Herbalizer® is our new favorite vaporizer. It is an marijuana vaporizer that thinks it is a museum showpiece. A novel and innovative clamshell design discreetly self-contains the heart of a rocket ship.
Created by former NASA engineers and made in San Diego, CA, the Herbalizer has both curb appeal and some serious space guts. I’m not talking about your burly, industrial grade factory-style mechanics – it has a sophisticated system that consistently distills such refined vapor quality you can taste and feel.

We are not easily impressed here at SFW, and we pride ourselves on being thorough when it comes to assessing quality. The Herbalizer (or “Herbie” as it is affectionately called by its creators) is a plug in vaporizer from San Diego, and has come out of seemingly nowhere to produce a vastly superior product. Not for the multifunctionality, the slick appearance (OK, maybe the appearance a little), or suite of features and accessories, this vape really just does it better. Well this vape is the best solution when you ask yourself where to buy vape pens near me.

First of all, the Herbalizer is uncannily fast. I mean, Bruce Lee kung fu fast. The manufacturers claim that it “heats up to 350°F in less than thirty seconds”…in our tests, it took less than that. Damn. Don’t turn your back on this thing.

Heat Up Time (MFR): 30 seconds

Heat Up Time (SFW): 19 seconds

The heating element is a 300-watt halogen bulb and its low thermal mass generates – and dissipates – heat faster than anything else on the market. Heat up time is one of our biggest pet peeves, and we have admitted that it is an otherwise unavoidable tradeoff for good vapor quality. The Herbalizer reduces the waiting time for both heat up and cool down, which is an important aspect for effective and precise vaporization. You can try or buy vaporizer online from lots of vape shops.

NOTE: the port where the bowl attaches and the magnets on the bottom of the bowl get HOT. DO NOT leave the unit running for extended periods of time – read the manufacturer’s specs on heating intervals.

The ability to control temperature is key. A good vaporizer let’s you manage an acceptable range of temperature to extract a refined group of compounds you’re your herb. The Herbalizer’s temperature control is so precise it can zero in on a specific compound and boiling it off for a targeted effect.

Temperature Variation (MFR): 5 degrees F/2.77 degrees C

Temperature Variation (SFW): 2 degrees F/1 degree C

The heating architecture looks like something out of a spaceship. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Herbalizer is an over-engineered device, but, because it is (literally) light years ahead of the competition, its precision temperature control will pave the way for a medical grade vaporizer.

See temperature control…the Herbalizer consistently delivers excellent vapor quality and precise temperature maintenance. Every time. We tested the temperature and found the variation to be LESS than the manufacturer states. This is a serious competition to the vape pen for sale.

And our weed never stretched so far. First session out of the box, from one gram of fresh weed we filled 11 bags. Subsequent tests have shown that varying the temperature incrementally can yield even more – a lot more.

The Herbalizer comes with a 2 year Limited Warranty and a 5 year Quality Guarantee. It includes an auto shutoff and a 3-axis accelerometer that shuts off power to the device if it is turned upside down, or rocked too far to one side. They clearly care about stoner safety and stand behind their product.

HOWEVER, the Herbalizer is a rocket ship, not a tank. It will NOT take a beating like the Volcano. But, because of its clamshell design, when closed it doesn’t have open ports so it can withstand more indirect mishaps (think spilt beverages instead of soccer matches).

EASE OF USE: 10/10
Herbie whip_vaporBig LCD multicolor display, dual-modes of inhalation, dual-modes of therapy, modular bowl, self-contained whip, and a bevy of other accessories and features add up to one smartly designed device. Yet for such a complicated high-tech device, it is so simple that a blonde dog could use it.

The Herbalizer has a modular bowl system similar to the Volcano vaporizers Easy Valve, but less clumsy. The bowl has a quarter turn twist lock to open/close and seals to the heating chamber magnetically. The interior of the bowl is stamped steel with dual screens on the top and bottom that are standard sized and fully interchangeable. The outside of the bowl is surrounded by rubberized silicon called ‘cool grips’ for insulation. The silicon/plastic is not in the heated airflow pathway, so it is not a factor in leaching.

Herbie Balloon gallery-bag-attached1The Herbalizer has two modes of operation: Vaportherapy and Aromatherapy. Each mode has a separate button, and either button turns the power On and/or Off. Vaportherapy and Aromatherapy modes both use the Fan: Vaportherapy for bag inflation and whip forced air boost; Aromatherapy for High and Low fan speeds. Both Aromatherapy and Vaportherapy modes use the slider bar for timer and temperature adjustments, respectively.

Included, and even incorporated into the base of the Herbalizer is the medical-grade silicon whip (read: no plasticky new whip taste). The whip nests in a trough in the base of the unit and easily attaches to the port at the top of the bowl. The whip is three feet long and blessedly long enough to keep from pulling out every few seconds. Because it is silicon, the whip doesn’t kink up like its plastic or rubber counterparts. The fan provides an optional forced air boost when using the whip, which we really like.

The bowl’s top port connects to seamlessly to the one-piece bags that have a soft-to-the-touch rubber mouthpiece. The bags are squeeze-to-open and to not have any pieces to break or pull off, making it lighter and simpler than the Volcano. The bag inflates in under thirty seconds. NOTE: the bags will lose their seal if you press them onto the bowl too strongly or deeply.

The Herbalizer comes with a modest, yet concisely helpful set of accessories. Instead of accessory-mania, we get a small complement of thoughtful, minimalist accessories that are all you need to vaporize. What’s more, all the accessories store inside the unit and the box doubles as a carrying case.

What’s included:

Herbalizer vaporizer

Magnetic Bowl

4 x Squeeze Valve Balloons

3′ Silicon whip

Stash Box

Grinder Card

Peppermint herbal blend

Essential Oil

2 x Aromapads

8′ Power cord

Cleaning Brush

2 x Extra Screens

THE SFW: 9.8/10
It’s a multifunctional vaporizer, but it’s not a vapor tower and it’s not a box vape. It combines the best of all modes of thermal transmission in a condensed, effective heating architecture: radiation, conduction and convection. It is our perfect herbal vaporizer. The Herbalizer has a computer for a brain, so it responds quickly and efficiently, but it is easy and intuitive to use.

Mind you, the Herbalizer does come with a hefty price tag. We have grimaced and groaned, but when we think of the money we’ve invested in other devices – portable vaporizers and plug in vaporizers alike – and then we compare that expense with the features you get, the Herbalizer is a good bargain for the last vaporizer you’ll ever need.

We asked for it – no, we bitched, moaned and all but begged for it. And we got it – a compact, powerful, multifunction, all-in-one marijuana vaporizer that sets a new standard. Introducing the Herbalizer, our new favorite and hands down the best vaporizer on the market.