Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Deluxe Table Top Edition from online vape shop
The vapormatic vaporizer, an exceptionally trendy product from Vapir, is now available in a fresh retro look that comes in chrome finish. The Vapormatic vaporizer includes a system of herb disks that makes it absolutely accurate with no chances of errors.

VaporMatic Vaporizer Kit Includes:
1 pc. Vapormatic Digital Vaporizer Unit
2 pc. Vapir Balloons now 35% larger
3 pc. Empty Herbs Discs
2 pc. Mystic Potion Aromatic Herb Disks
1 pc. Element Mini Herb Grinder
1 pc. 15″ TrancePorter Tube
1 pc. X-Tip Mouthpiece
1 pc. Plastic Tweezers
1 pc. Power Cord 110V
1 pc. Instructional Audio CD
1 pc. Pyro-Products Warranty Card
1 pc. Instruction Manual
The simplest way of operating the deluxe vape shop online is to place the already filled herb disc into its tray positioned in the units faēade. The tray of the herb disk opens through sliding to facilitate the placement of the herb disk.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Operation
The front part of the vaporizer is illuminated with an LCD screen used to illustrate the accurate working temperature of the unit with a margin of +4 or -4 ŗC. Another important feature of the VaporMatic vaporizer is its twin control system that helps to control the speed of the fans as well as the temperature.

This characteristic of the vaporizer facilitates the adjustment of heat and also the soaring fan speed during the working of the unit itself.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Quartz Element
The deluxe vaporizer comes with an innovative heating element made up of quartz crystal. The heating element has been so designed so as to lessen the heater burnout and also to provide a long-lasting operational life.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Dual Functionality
The Vapormatic vaporizer is quite competent at its twin modes of operation. However, the direct inhalation method is considered to be more proficient of the two modes. In this method, the pipe or the belt system is directly used to take in the steam.

The other mode is the modern method of balloon inflation, where the vaporizer is connected to the inflation system and the vapor can be confined to the balloon made of cellophane and can be used according to your will (either now or later).

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer History
For more than seven years, this Vapirs deluxe vaporizer has been setting standards in the industry in the field of vaporizers. The company, Vapir, has been successful in introducing some excellent products in the market with names such as portable Oxygen vaporizer (the latest launch), the 3.0 and 5.0 versions of the Air One Vaporizer and the classic or rechargeable best portable vape.

Vapir VaporMatic Vaporizer Lifetime Warranty
The deluxe vaporizer is available with a lifetime warranty, though the warranty is applicable only in the case of heater failure and does not apply to any sort of physical damage.