Vapolution Vaporizer Hands Free Portable Preface
The Vapolution Vaporizer is one of the best Portable Vaporizer available on the market today. The Vapolution Vaporizer has been on the market from the early 2000’s and actually is the first and only Vaporizer to employ a Glass Heating Element.

Vapolution Vaporizer Portable includes:
1 pc. Vapolution Vaporizer Base Hot Air Generator
1 pc. 2 hr Rechargeable Battery
1 pc. Car & Travel Charger
1 pc. All in One Wonder Vaporizer Bowl
1 pc. Buddy Vaporizer Bowl
2 pc. Straight Vaporizer Bowl
2 pc. Retaining Washers
Vapolution Vaporizer Battery Usage
The Vapolution Vaporizer can be used with a Power Adaptor, Car Adapter, or Super Charge Battery Pack, which can be sold separately or as a package deal.

For Portability attach the fully Super Charged Battery which will last 2 hours of continuous use and Recharge with in 2 hours as well. The Vapolution is truly the quickest charging longest lasting Portable Rechargeable Vaporizer.

Vapolution Vaporizer Car Adaptor Usage
The Vapolution Vaporizer can be used with a 12v Car Adaptor which is included. You can save Battery life by attaching the car adapter directly to your unit, which is great for traveling.

It is not recommended that you operate a motor vehicle or heavy machinery while using the Vapolution Vaporizer.

Vapolution Vaporizer Lifetime Warranty
Vapolution offers a Lifetime warranty for the Vapolution Vaporizer because it is of true quality. This covers the functionality of the Heating Element, not breakage of glass parts. Find this on vape shop near me.


You should never charge the Battery for more than the 4 hours because it can overcharge the battery and can also void its Warranty.